How to bleach tie-dye!

What's the ultimate quarantine style we all fell in love with again?

Tie Dye and Sweats! Honestly, neither could ever go out of style (and lets hope they don't).

Not only is it in style, it's super simple to do!

Items you need:







There are a few different folding techniques you can do to have the tie dye come out. I'll leave this blog here to see which one you want to do.

1. After deciding which folding technique you will then use the rubber bands and fold it however you decide. I decided to put 3 rubber bands and have the sweatshirt in a straight line. I also really like the twist and bunch folding technique.

2. Put on gloves. And then you will mix the bleach with water in a cup or bucket. I use a little less bleach and more water, but some people prefer a 1:1 ratio.

3. Pour the mixture over the rubber banded item. Doing this in a sink or tub is easiest and cleanest way to do it.

4. Make sure item is covered everywhere you want the bleach and then let sit. Some fabrics will start changing color immediately, while some will take up to 15 minutes to change color. I have them sit 15-20 minutes because I'm using darker clothing.

5. Undo the rubber bands when you are happy with the results (remember it will look lighter once dry because it is wet). I do a quick wash in the washing machine with some soap and then dry the items in the dryer.

6. Pull them out of the dryer and ta-da! You just tie dyed!

We are all about recycling and being earth friendly so this is a fantastic way to save money and give a new life to clothing!

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