Our family with skin sensitivities

My family has extremely sensitive skin, it started with my husband and I. Then we had our children and unfortunately it passed down to them.

When my son was born, he was allergic to the linens and clothing at the hospital.

My daughter struggles with eczema at 19 months old.

Before we had our son, we started Made From Dirt. A cannabis brand. Understanding that people may not feel comfortable using cannabis or CBD on their children, we started Sun + Moon. Same trusted and natural products but without the cannabis.

Fast forward to today, we are currently fighting eczema on our daughter Olive. The eczema symptoms are on her face and on her leg. We've been using the Skin Reset salve twice a day and it has helped tremendously.

I understand our products alone can't treat eczema.

Things to make sure to be mindful when you or a loved one has sensitive skin:

Laundry Detergent

Bath Soap

Chemical Sunscreens



From our family to yours,

Dani (Owner & Founder)

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